Miho is a late blooming circus monkey bouncing around Montreal since 2013. She is born of a French mother and of a Japanese father, and is raised in Toronto. From a young age, she pours out all her energy in various activities. Sparked and inspired by a wide array of things, her desire to craft and create leads her to undertake a bachelor in Architecture. Two years later, Miho realizes undoubtedly the necessity to work with her body and decides to pursue her passion, that is circus.

At first, she is known as the black tissu girl. She is then admitted at the National Circus School of Montreal as a flyer and specializes in hand to hand. Her last two years of school are devoted to the construction of a solo act in cyr wheel, with which she will graduate in 2019. You can often spot her jumping around on the trampoline or trying to find her balance on her hands. If she is not upside down, she is most likely dancing and grooving away. And when she is not dancing, she is playing inside the infinite lines of her imagination. She discovers hip hop, its culture, house and within the community of Montreal, builds a terrain in which she nurtures growth and self-development.

Miho is interested in practicing circus that intersects with other forms of art, but most importantly that stems from partnerships and collective work. She is continuously inspired by her surrounding and by the people she has met throughout her time in circus so far. Miho is a human being before being a circus artist. She wishes to travel far, inside her soul and through different experiences, to learn and to share light with one another.